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The first restaurant opened in 1962 by R. L. & Ida Belle Dalton, named Woody’s. There have been restaurants since, with the last two being Ember’s, which opened in 1972, and Dalton’s in 1990.
Bobby Dalton, my dad, opened Roman Gate in 1973, which was an Italian Restaurant, and then took Ember’s over in 1977, while Grandma and Granddaddy “retired,” although they were still there daily.

Daddy began pushing the catering business in the late ’70s. He had two banquet rooms that he kept occupied inside the restaurant and was also mobile with catering that included anything from factories, churches, and weddings. His most prominent and most challenging was the Sunbelt Expo. When I was about eight years old, I started helping him with the catering. I missed school the week of the EXPO to help him. We catered the Governor’s Luncheon, which would be about 1000 people with 3 to 4 buffet lines, the Exhibitor’s Lounge 4 days of the week, the Livestock Meeting one night of the week, the Exhibitor’s Breakfast one morning of the week along with anything else that Dr. White and Chip would come up with, not to mention, the restaurant, Ember’s, was still open for regular business. It was an “All hands-on deck” kind of week for sure. There was a day or two during the week of the Expo that we would feed about 2000 people for lunch between all of the places.

Now, I’m pushing the catering business. We started catering immediately after opening Dalton’s back up in 2021, and I had begun pushing the catering business a few months before the fire in June 2022.
When the fire happened, we had three caterings on the books within two weeks. Thankfully due to the good hearts of Billy & Rod Howell, we successfully fulfilled our scheduled catering events that were booked by using their location as our own.

Things have settled down with the opening of our Downtown location, so we have been building our catering business back up again. We will do any size catering of any caliber. Our calendar includes weddings, family reunions, and everything in between, and we are grateful! We enjoy being a part of special events and eliminating any unnecessary stress from your special day, no matter the occasion. We have two mottos that we live by while catering, and those are “We cater to create remarkable moments for you” and “Exquisite Taste for Memorable Occasions.” With us, you are not just getting a caterer; you are becoming a part of our history that dates back to the early 60s to give you memories for a lifetime.

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Meet Kelly & Amy Dalton

To understand Kelly’s motivation, it helps to know a little more about his background.  Parents Bobby and Pat Dalton raised their four children in the restaurant business, and all of the kids learned how to cook and run the family business.  But Kelly felt the connection a little more deeply than his siblings and always knew he would open a restaurant someday.

   All four of the Dalton children entered other fields upon reaching adulthood, including Kelly who worked in the poultry industry for Sanderson Farms for 15 years.  (Kelly jokes that he’ll now be going from raising and processing chickens to cooking them.)  But Kelly always had the idea of opening a restaurant.  “It’s in my blood, always has been.”  As for just when he would open a Dalton’s restaurant, “It was my Plan B.”

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Dalton's Catering

Experience 3 Generations in Full-Service Restaurant and Catering Services!

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